T&T campaigning hard for Tories

A colleague of mine said he thought the T&T was a little less biased this year in their election coverage because the adjectives used to describe the Liberals were a little more aggressive.

I don’t think so. Al thinks he won the 1999 election for the Tories and the 2003 and he is pushing hard in 2006.

He has a massive front page graphic and story about the huge PC lead in the election. 51% to 43%. The actual figure is 38% PC, 34% Lib. within the margin of error of 5%.

Now it’s pretty for the Al Hogan/Louis Leger/Chisholm Pothier team to do this. They know full well that there is a percentage of ‘us’ that want to vote with the winner and will shift at the end to the person we perceive to be winning

Think I’m exaggerating?

TJ headline: Tories edge ahead by a nose
DG headline: Poll gives Tories the edge