The journey is the destination

From the 5 in 5 Plan:

Goal 4 The clean province — the greatest reduction in air and water pollution in Canada.

From the CBC report late last week:

N.B. ranks lowest, Quebec highest in climate-change report

The third annual report card from a coalition of environmental groups, released last week, gave the following grades:

  • New Brunswick: C–.
  • Nova Scotia: C.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: B–.
  • Prince Edward Island: B–.
  • Quebec: B+.

Sound familiar?

I’m a little dense but I am starting to figure out the government’s strategy.

It’s actual simple, really.

Address all the major issues in the ‘plan’.

And that is the outcome.

Just having a 5 in 5 plan becomes an end into itself.

In other words, the journey is the destination. You don’t actually have to get there. You just have to say you are heading there.

And when people start figuring out you never even started down the road, you launch a new plan to walk down a new road.

Et voila.