The creation of jobs (7%)

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The car insurance continues to haunt the blue ones
Réal Fradette – September 12, 2006
CARAQUET – Those which believed that the file of the automobile insurance was not a stake in this election campaign probably will bite the fingers, this morning of them…

According to the survey of Corporate Research Associates, ordered by Acadie NEWS, more than two questioned voters out of three (69%) affirm that that will have a moderate or major impact on the place where they will affix their cross on the ballot paper, Monday.

Without surprise, it is in the North of the province, where the situation is more alarming, which the position of the two principal parties in this file will influence them more (77%). Three people probed out of four old from 35 to 54 years are of the same opinion. As for knowing which party will do the best work cause to drop the premiums, liberals and conservatives do not obtain the confidence of the popular favour, with less than one voter convinced out of three.

In 2003, the automobile insurance failed to make fall the preserving government, needs one to point out it. The other war-horse envisaged in this countryside, the fiasco of the orimulsion, also had an unquestionable impact on the opinion of the questioned voters (53%).

Surprisingly, even if that touches especially the sector of Midsummer’s Day, the figures show that that had a provincial resonance, since 58% of people of North questioned are said influenced by this question. “It is not as important as the automobile insurance, but that can make a difference”, supports Don Mills, of Corporate Research Associates. The survey shows that health (17%) and education (11%) are the most important files of this countryside, according to questioned people’s. The creation of jobs (7%), the care with elder (7%), the price of the gasoline (5%) and the automobile insurance (5%) follow.

Of course my point here is self-evident.