Not enough difference

I have to say that Tories have been much better at spin during this election that the Liberals. The messaging has been great. First, it was that the Libs would run smear campaign – this deflected nicely when the Tories actually ran the smear campaign (just look at the NB PC site for confirmation of this).

Second, they turned Liberal attacks on the Tories results over the past seven years into an attack on New Brunswickers. “My kids aren’t the worst in Canada” -Blais.

Third, they tried to get people on the ‘devil you know’ angle.

Now, in the last three days, it’s “there’s no real difference

From a Tory blogger:

Of the editorials I have to concur with the Daily Gleaner the most when they write, “There is not enough difference in political party platforms to warrant a change.”

Others have echoed this sentiment.

This, again, is genius. In a province of risk averse, conservative folks, tell them there is no difference so why take the ‘risk’.

Since 1999, Canada has added almost 2 million people to it’s population – an unprecedented growth rate. All New Brunswick has managed under Premier Lord is population decline – for the first time since the Great Depression.

Within five more years, we will become the province in Canada most dependent on Equalization.

So, while I hate to disagree with the folksy editor of the DG,

Maybe it’s time for taking a little ‘risk’.