My my, the dogs are barking now

Don’t accuse the NB Tories of being lost in cyberspace. They have cranked up the blogosphere spin machine in the past few days. The CBC blog has six new comments this morning – everyone hammering poor ol’ Shawn Graham.

Somebody told me before the election that both the Libs and Tories were paying folks to disseminate their messages throught blogosphere. Give that Sara G. a raise!

My old friend over at the Sorry Centrist’s blog is down this am (10 am) but Spink about It is cranky that Jacques Poitras ‘shut down’ comment because of partisan spin. Check back this morning, Spink, you will be happy.

The “Progress for New Brunswick” blog posted Al Hogan’s front page story about the 50 to 45 lead for the PCs. Too bad, Bristol has been disclaiming that ‘panel’ in every media outlet they can find pointing to their ‘poll’ which shows a 46-46 dead heat.

I can’t find a lot of desperate Liberal bloggers. NB Politico keeps reworking his predictions – in favour of the PCs in some cases.

An interesting blog recently has been the Times & Transcript election blog. It too features some hammering of Shawn G. but mostly there are no comments at all to poor Clarissa’s questions. Don’t feel bad, Clarissa. Some of my best posts have gone uncommented and in some cases not read.

So, I guess we could say from the lack of desperation in the Liberal corner of the blogosphere, they are feeling quite confident while the Tory frantic keystrokes may indicate some concern.

But the eight people or so that actually write partisan comments most likely doesn’t constitute a good sample of the public.