Moncton: The favourite son once again!

Don Mills postulated in the Acadie Nouvelle today that Moncton would make or break the election for either Lord or Graham. According to CRA, the Libs have a slight lead in Moncton.

So, get ready, Moncton. You will be lavished with promises and gravy over the next five days.

As if on cue, it already started.

Lord remains firm on commitments for Hub City
News 91.9
September 12, 2006 – 7:31 am
By: Allan Dearing

I’ve lived in Moncton for almost a decade now and I’ll tell you this much. Moncton has been asking for provincial support for its convention centre for 12 years. Moncton has been asking for Petitcodiac river support for 10 years (although this is not a unanimous issue).

The new courthouse? Haven’t seen it yet.

And of course near and dear to my heart, where are the jobs? The unemployment rate in Moncton is the highest of the three urban centres. Besides Molson and a couple of call centres, where has the industry development been over the past seven years?

But maybe Monctonians are a trusting sort of folk.