Le vent tourne – but not if Al can help it

I may be often wrong about political predictions but I’m getting great at predicting Al Hogan. I said a couple of days ago that he would ratchet up the assault on Shawn Graham and boy, was I right.

The CRA poll results published in L’Acadie Nouvelle this morning show in their words “Le vent tourne”.

And Al’s two top political stories?

Tories will slash income tax by 8%

Lord to Graham: Stop insulting all of us

Let me deal with the second one first. Al says through his journalist:

If Shawn Graham wants to be premier perhaps he should stop insulting the people who he wants to govern, according to Conservative Leader Bernard Lord.

During a wide-ranging editorial board meeting with the Times & Transcript yesterday, Lord picked apart the Liberals’ proposal on the economy and social programs. Lord recoils each time he hears his main rival insult New Brunswickers’ economic spirit or education test results.

“This thing about running down the province, I’m offended as a citizen but I’m also offended as well as the premier,” Lord said. “I find it offensive to all the people in New Brunswick who have worked hard in recent years to move the province forward. Attack me but don’t attack everybody in New Brunswick.”

This is incredibly smart politics from Lord. Listen to Al’s language on this – ‘recoils’ ‘running down the province’ ‘offensive’.

Wow. This is dirty journalism at its best.

Since when did attacking your rival’s abysmal record become about attacking all New Brunswickers?

But I have to admit, it might be effective. If Al Hogan can convince us that Graham is actually attacking us, he could skim off some votes for his buddy.

I don’t think I have ever seen, in 20 years of watching this stuff, a newspaper allow such nonsense. The Irvings should be ashamed of this crap. As I have said, I have no problem with newspapers taking sides in an election but this is beyond the pale. What’s next? Graham to destroy New Brunswick?


And on the first point about another small round of income tax cuts. Again, it’s great politics but it’s almost comical to watch.

Al publishes a story quoting Lord as saying Graham’s plans are too expensive and irresponsible. At the same time, Lord is going to hire 500 more teachers, 250 more doctors, massive injections in dozens of areas – and cut income taxes by 8%.

He doubled the average property taxes since 1999 but he has even committed to cap assessments in this area.

So where’s all the money going to come from?

Equalization, my friends. He must be banking on a lot of dough from Harper.