Innovation in tourism

You know what I have never understood? It seems like New Brunswick has a phobia against innovation. Sure, in the 1990s we led the way on telecare and other initiatives, but since then what?

For example, PEI is finally catching on to an important tourism trend:

Tourism officials in P.E.I. plan to promote the island’s south shore area to fans of geocaching. The adventure tourism activity uses global positioning system devices to find out-of-the-way locales. It’s “treasure hunting with the latest technology,” says a news release.

Now, I have said to anyone that will listen to me about tourism, that geocaching is a major new trend in adventure-based tourism. New Brunswick has lots of wilderness so why not use the tourism industry to promote NB for geocaching? Maybe we are already but I haven’t seen anything to indicate we are.

Maybe in 2012, somebody in Fredericton will say, hey, what about geocaching?

We gotta get out front of the curve, folks. We are a small province and we need to be innovative.

I said NB should be in India looking for biz opportunities three years ago – are we yet?