Go West, Young Man, Go West

While I realize that most of my readers are online news junkies and have not read a physical newspaper in at least 10 years, you may have found today’s T&T, TJ and Daily Gleaner quite interesting.

Included in our newspapers this morning was a large magazine style insert called MOVEWEST. It is described as a “special recruitment publication distributed through newspapers throughout Atlantic Canada”.

The headlines include:

New Calgarian Cody Pinkham Moved West “There’s just so much opportunity out here.”

Meet Atlantic Canadians Who are Making the West Home!

Alberta Bound: Jobes Outnumber Workers!

Who sponsors this lovely magazine with the direct mandate to take workers out of Atlantic Canada?

Government of Saskatchewan
Government of Manitoba
Government of Alberta
Government of BC

Then there’s the lovely section called:

Easterners who became Westerners

I could go on but I’ll stop with this one. A story entitled “Alberta’s growth needs ‘right people’“.

I read a report published in Alberta not that long ago (and reported it here) that concluded (not directly of course) that Atlantic Canadians were easier to integrate into the economy than immigrants.

So, all of that economic might is now tuned to scraping away what talent is left here.

Even Staples is offering to ‘pay all your relocation costs’ to move west.

Ontario grew massively throughout the 199os – a record pace of growth – but most of it was new immigrants.

A lot of Atlantic Canadians groaned and complained that Ontario was getting all the immigrants while we got none.

Now, Alberta et. al. is coming after not the immigrants but the fourth generation Miramichier.

What are we going to do about that?

As I said before, the BC Premier nearly croaked when McKenna ‘stole’ the UPS jobs out of that province. Now it’s payback time. BC’s going to steal our best and brightest.

All I can say is that we brought this on ourselves. When the surplus money started rolling in in the late 1990s and through the 2000s we had an opportunity to make a serious investment in our economy and growing new industries. And we chose to plough all that money into health care.

In retrospect, was that a good move?