Continuity in the gravy train

There was some concern in certain corners that Stephen Harper would crack the whip when it comes to corporate subsidies.

Well, those fears are now long gone.

After continuing the much maligned Technology Partnerships Canada program, now the federal Tories are ramping up the pogie to the aerospace sector in Montreal.

From the Montreal Gazette:

Even with the continued slowdown in demand for Bombardier’s regional jets, there is plenty of buzz in Montreal’s aerospace sector. Companies such as Pratt & Whitney Canada, CAE, CMC Electronics, Bell Helicopter Textron and Heroux Devtek all report substantial orders.

But the high level of activity hasn’t diminished the usual calls for government support. Federal Industry Minister Maxime Bernier appears to have gotten the message. He’s privately assured industry representatives that he will seek cabinet approval in October for a new $200-million pool of funding for aerospace technology.

Auto funding, Technology Partnerships Canada, Aerospace pogie, the fun never ends. I suspect the Righties are sufficiently cheesed but probably telling themselves that Harper “has to do this in a minority situation’but wait until he gets his majority!”

You know what bugs me. I am sure you do.

But I’ll say it anyway.

The Feds spent billions to grow these sectors aerospace in Montreal, auto in southern Ontario, pharma in Montreal, etc. and now gives billions to keep them growing.

What sectors did the Feds champion in Atlantic Canada? What is the growth engine that you can tie federal funding to?


I know.

Employment Insurance.

The Premier of New Brunswick (Lord or Graham) should develop a well thought out industry development strategy for the province and then go politely and ask the Feds to help.

After investing billions in Montreal, I suspect they might throw a few bucks at Atl. Canada.