Anybody know Bob’s position?

I wrote a fairly positive blog on Michael Ignatieff’s position on regional economic development a few weeks ago. This after he said that the alienation that is emerging from the considerable disparities in economic development across Canada are a serious threat to national unity.

Now, it would seem, that Bob Rae is likely to win the coveted role of Chief Liberal. It seems that while Iggy was out making grand pronunciations about regional alienation and the Quebec nation, the former NDP Premier was shoring up second ballet support.

So, your’s truly, scoots over to “Call Me Bob” and looks for any reference to economic development in Atlantic Canada.

And finds none.

Then he does a Google search on Bobby, ED, AC 2006 and finds nothing.

Then he does a Blog Search on Bobby and ED and finds nothing.

I don’t have time to search through the FPInfomart to find anything in the local papers.

Can anyone tell me what Bob Rae’s position on regional development is?

While you’re at it, why not serve up PM Harper’s? He seems to be pretty good at Equalization and EI enrichment but that’s not a very productive economic development policy.

Or maybe it is. That was Bernard Lord’s approach. Maybe the new Tory mantra is “Take from Alberta and give to New Brunswick”.

If so, I will have to turn my eyes to the Great White Hope – “Call me Bob”.