Another likely reason to have called the election

Today’s Statistics Canada release of new population figures are undoubtedly another reason why Premier Lord called the election. I am sure that certain elements of the media (and bloggers) would have tried to make hay with this data (except Al Hogan).

Canada’s population increased by over 323,000 people in the last year alone (estimated) and all
New Brunswick could do was witness a population drop of 2,313 people last year.

It’s interesting to note that PEI’s population is increasing.

People say to me that dropping 2,000 people isn’t that bad.

Look at the trend folks. In the 1970s, population growth in New Brunswick was in the 5-6% range from Census to Census. Then it dropped in the 1980s to 2-3%. Then it dropped further in the 1990s and the last Census 1996-2001 saw a population drop of 1.2%.

It is very likely that the 2006 Census (data released next year) will show an even steeper decline.

Look at the chart. In the early 1970s, New Brunswick’s population actually grew faster than Canada as a whole. Then it dropped and dropped and dropped.

Use your imagination to extend this out another decade or two. It won’t be pretty.

Notwithstanding Al Hogan’s Pollyannish world, this is serious stuff, folks.

Time to get crackin’