Al’s conundrum and the Premier’s new drawl

While you all watch, listen and read tomorrow to assess who won or lost the election debate, my eyes will be turned to the We Say in the Times & Transcript.

You remember in those old science fiction movies when the humans wanted to beat the computer they found a way to get the computer into a logic loop and it would eventually explode?

I think Al Hogan must be going through a logic loop tonight and his head must be about to pop. Not only are the rumours swirling that he’s about to get axed, now the thing he dreaded the most has happened.

In the NB Liberal platform released today, there is one little promise of interest:

Establish a new satellite cardiac catheterization lab in Moncton by 2008.

Now, as you know, Al has been demanding that the Premier make this commitment and warning dire consequences if he didn’t.

And Shawn drops the trump card. What will Al say about this?

I suspect he won’t abandon seven years of unwavering support for the Premier over this. He will likely either a) not mention it at all or b) more likely, remind the Premier that Graham is promising this lab and that he must get on board.

The drawl, Dixie Lee and beer

I never liked the backroom political operatives much. I know they are necessary but sometimes I think they go overboard.

Like this need to make Premier Lord ‘one of us’.

I realize that some focus group testing must have uncovered the notion that the Premier is a bit aloof and can come across as snooty.

But c’mon. A drawl?

I just heard the Premier on the radio droppin’ his ‘g’s and talkin’ like he’s a NASCAR lovin’, Alpine drinkin’ regular ol’ Joe Q. Public. A couple of years ago it was the cocktail versus beer scandal. And, of course, there was the video, narrarated by his wife, saying he’s more at home in the Dixie Lee than the Legislature.

But a drawl?

Maybe I’m getting to cynical but I happen to like a Premier that’s articulate and speaks like he knows his stuff.