A question about journalism

I have a legitimate question for the folks that read this blog that have some understanding of journalism. It’s not a rhetorical question or even a sarcastic one. I am genuinely curious.

The front page of the Times & Transcript ran two stories about the election today:

Liberal promises will cost NB $72 million more
What does the Tory tax cut do for you*

*This is a very attractive puff piece that quotes an expert as saying “Make no mistake about it – these are attractive savings” – talking about Lord’s previous tax cuts which supposedly save the person making $50k per year, $500 per year – less than the increased amount in gas tax and property tax.

But I digress.

The question for all you journalistic types is How does Al do it? I mean how does he get the journalists to join him on his fantastic crusade?

Does he sidle up to them and say I want you to hammer the Liberals?
Does he tell his layout people to bury the CRA election poll on page 143?
Does he call the journalists and tell them to start using pejorative words about the Liberals?
Does he tell his journalist to do an ‘indepth’ analysis of the Tory tax cut proposals?

Or did he hire journalists that think like him? Do they sit around the newsroom talking about how we can put the screws to the Liberals and sweeten the Tories (you will note the wonderful We Say this morning about the ‘medical school’ in Moncton)?

Or, finally, does he actually micromanage the journalists? So, does he tell them the stories he wants and the tonality?

I’d be very curious.

I will also be very curious to know if Monctonians are stupid enough to buy that crap. It’s an enticing proposition.

Imagine not having the CRA poll as front page news with five days left in the election.

That’s absolutely fascinating.

One last question to you journalistic types. Is there some weird familial battle going on between the TT and the TJ and does this play a role?

The TJ legitimately ran a front page story with big bold letters “Liberals Take Lead” with a flattering shot of Graham on a horse of all things (Napoleon or Wellington?).

Maybe this is more a family feud?