Here’s a question. Under what set of circumstances would the Department of Post-Secondary Education and Training actually tell people the cold hard truth?

The Labour Force Survey comes out showing New Brunswick had the biggest decline in employment from July to August of any province in Canada – by far. Employment growth year over year is one of the worst in Canada. Job growth from August 1999 to August 2006 is the worst in Canada.

And yet we get:

“I am certainly encouraged that our unemployment rate remained in single digits and there were 1,100 more New Brunswickers working as compared to the same time last year,” Carr said. “We will continue to monitor these figures over the long term, and I am confident that they will continue to improve.”

First of all, Minister Carr, ‘continue to improve’ implies already moving in the right direction. Secondly, how long is ‘long term’?

One day, I don’t know when, government departments are going to stop being these weird propaganda arms of the elected politicians. One day, if there is a press release at all coming out of the New Brunswick government it will read:

Government concerned about the employment situation.

Minister Carr announced today that employment dropped by over 5,000 people in August. “We are taking this issue very seriously. The department, under my close watch, will be implementing an aggressive program to blah blah blah…..”

New Brunswickers can rest assured that their government is on top of this problem….

Yeah, right.

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