There go the waffles

I know that I am starting to get old when the companies brought here under McKenna start closing their doors. There have been several high profile call centres shut down including Sun Life’s Moncton facility – going back five years or so.

But this one is a bit like a kick in the gut for me.

Missouri-based Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.
SEC Filing: 10-Q – August 2006

In addition, we recently began the process of closing our griddle products facility in Moncton, New Brunswick, and transferring production to other plants.

I remember like it was yesterday when they opened that plant. Waffles were to be shipped all up and down the eastern seaboard of the USA. It was touted as a great example of effective near market manufacturing. Then the Missouri company bought it and now they are shutting it down.

I know some of you will say “I told you so” those foreign companies come in, take taxpayer dollars and then leave.

But that’s not the case. I have personally analyzed this and locally owned firms are 10 times more likely to close down than foreign-owned ones.

It’s just frustrating to see things unraveling…..