The political advantage of out-migration

Another reason to call an early election is this issue of Alberta out-migration. This has sort of come out of left field but it could become a real political issue. It started with Newfoundlanders moving to Fort McMurray but more and more New Brunswickers are going. In 2005, New Brunswick had the highest net out-migration since 1998 and indications are that 2006 will be worse.

I just got my haircut and the lady told me that her husband and brother-in-law have left to build roads in Alberta. And this is Greater Moncton, folks.

But there is a political benefit to the incumbent government from out-migration. Persons that have already moved to Alberta don’t vote in New Brunswick. If they had stayed around here scrounging for a job, they might be inclined to vote against the party in power.

What a crazy economic situation we have been left with. People leaving in record numbers actually creating shortages of workers for low end jobs in manufacturing and retail services. The term for recession and inflation is ‘stagflation’.

What’s the term for a weak economy couple with labour shortages?

Keep bragging about that 8.9% unemployment rate, guys. Pretty soon, the average Joe Q. Public might actually figure out the real reason the rate is where it is.