The CEO/President of Headz Gamez speaks

I would suspect that it is rare for the CEO of a major corporation to surf the blogosphere and respond to criticisms of his firm.

But that’s exactly what Kerry Martens CEO/President Headz Gamez Enterprises International Corp. does in response to a recent blog posted here.

Mr. Martens made an interesting comment after a great defence of his firm:

We may also be setting up another factory to produce the paper board that we use for our game. It is not a trivial matter the amount of board that we will use and if HGI puts the Factory for this in NFLD or NB it will once again be a choice of economics’ and a win-win situation for all concerned.

All you BNB and Enterprise Network folks, start your engines. I believe Mr. Martens is dangling an interesting project for some enterprising community….