Step right up, folks

And now we present the Great Lordini and the spectacular vanishing Prosperity Plan.

It will thrill you, and chill you like nothing you have ever seen.

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Yes, folks. Right before your eyes the Lord government has dropped the Prosperity Plan. I just searched the archives of the local newspapers going back three weeks and nary a mention. Nothing on the PC web site and nothing in Google News.

It’s like it just vanished.

This sacred document whose title was envoked every time the Premier or a Cabinet minister said more than three words, has just vanished – up in smoke.

I find this completely baffling.

You know in the bible, when they end prayers with ‘amen’. Anything out of government ended in ‘this is part of the Prosperity Plan’. We painted the new government trucks blue and ‘this is part of the Prosperity Plan’. We spent 90 bucks on a burger and ‘this is part of the Prosperity Plan’.

Of course, the beginning of the end of the PP came with the introduction of the 5 in 5. Oh not all at once and not in any flashy way to be sure but over time ‘this is part of the Prosperity Plan’ became “this is part of the 5 in 5” and that’s where we stand today.

Of course, our old friend smelled a rat after the State of the Province address way back in February.

But some of us are more naive than others.

I can’t believe they scuttled the Prosperity Plan.

What’s the purpose of having a ‘plan’ and ‘targets’ if you just scrap them when it starts to become evident you will never hit them.

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