On being a CBC employee

You must require a thick skin to be a CBC journalist. There are whole blogs dedicated to hammering the CBC and even in New Brunswick, there are a few bloggers who hammer away with no apparent reason.

So, one of these ingenious bloggers (I’m not posting any links here you and you can find it yourself) decides to mock the CBC’s policy of requiring names and valid email addresses to be assigned to posts on the election blog.

This person stole someone else’s identity to make a post.

Now, what’s the friggin’ point here?

Do they want to drive away all legitimate journalistic discussion from the blogosphere?

The traditional media are already hesitate to use the blogosphere because they fear this type of manipulation.

If the CBC pulls its blog because a few infantile anonymous bloggers are offended that they can’t spew forth under the veil of full anonymity, I think that will be a shame.

And another thing. I read three New Brunswick newspapers every day and the CBC web site in my day job and I can tell you that the CBC has ten times the journalistic integrity of the Times & Transcript.

So why don’t you guys hammer the T&T for a while and lay off the CBC?

The CBC is not perfect – far from it. They have their biases just like every other media outlet.

Instead of these, quite frankly, weird rebukes of the CBC, why not post real content as to what you think is wrong with the organization? Show patterns of bias. Show in clear terms what is supposed to be wrong with the CBC.

For the record, on my blog, I’m okay with anonymous posting. But I’m not the CBC.