# of people unemployed in NB up 11.9%

One of the guilty little pleasures I have is watching the spin come out of the NB government each month when the labour market survey is published. It is equally fun to watch Al Hogan spin the great news. Tomorrow’s spinning should be fun.

The unemployment rate jumped from June to July to 8.9% from 8%.

There were 3,000 less people employed in July 2006 than in July 2005 – a 0.8% decline in total employment – only NL and PEI faired worse.

Since 1999, the increase in employment in New Brunswick has been about half the national average.

Since July 2002, NB increased its total employment by 4% – the third worst employment growth in Canada:

Employment Growth (July 2002-July 2006)
Seasonally Adjusted

British Columbia (11.1%)
Alberta (10.8%)
Ontario (8.2%)
Canada (7.6%)
Prince Edward Island (5.9%)
Saskatchewan (5.3%)
Quebec (5.2%)
Nova Scotia (4.2%)
New Brunswick (4.0%)
Manitoba (2.8%)
Newfoundland and Labrador (2.1%)

With that as a reference point, have a read of Al Hogan’s stuff tomorrow.