N.B. not living up to R&D potential

It’s refreshing to actually get some economic stories in the Telegraph Journal. There was a good one today about the lack of health-related research going on in New Brunswick (we’re dead last in Canada by a wide margin).

The article quotes one of those now-reviled-by-the-Premier ‘external’ experts Cate McCready, vice-president of external affairs at Ottawa-based BioteCanada saying:

“When you’re as resource rich as New Brunswick is, there’s remarkable potential,” she said. “It’s a question of political will; it’s a question of leadership. There is no question there is opportunity out there.””It’s really about galvanizing will and galvanizing people’s imaginations,”

That, my friends, sums it up nicely – even it is from an external ‘guru’.

Do you think this will be an election issue?

Most likely not. We have more important issues such as bashing experts that live outside New Brunswick.