Maybe my paranoia is finally kicking in

Am I going crazy or what? I can’t find any reference in the Times & Transcript to one of the most important economic development stories in decades. As I reported a few days ago:

Headz Gamez International has announced plans to build a 1,500-employee board game factory in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

This story has been covered in the Telegraph-Journal, the Globe & Mail, the Chronicle Herald, twice on the CBC, etc.

But not in the Times & Transcript.

Why would Al Hogan choose not to run such a story? Could it be that at least a handful of readers might ask, why not rural New Brunswick?

I must have just missed it. Somebody please point out the section and page number in the Times & Transcript.

Not even Al Hogan would stoop so low as to not report a story that will undoubtedly have employment impacts right into southeastern New Brunswick.