Let the games begin, Part Deux

It would seem that the Premier will be actually calling the election today instead of tomorrow so we are officially in election mode in New Brunswick – not that anyone will notice. This is about the best possible time for an incumbant to call an election because people are on vacation and in early September will be getting back into gear -school, work, yard clean up. One of the early posters was right when he/she said this will probably be the lowest voter turn out in years.

For me, I would like to see this election as a referendum on Al Hogan. He started what will undoubtedly be a steady stream of Tory propaganda today with ‘friendly advice’ for Shawn Graham in the We Say. This guy will do everything in his power to get Premier Lord re-elected and may just do it.

I was in a meeting one time and one time only with Al Hogan where he insinuated that he personally brought Camille Theriault down. That was the point when I started to dislike Mr. Hogan – and his systematic avoidance for years of the issues of relevance to the voters of Greater Moncton is unpardonable. He has savaged City Hall about bike trails while praising the Premier’s ‘vision’. He has hammered City Hall about downtown development – irony abounds – but defended the Tory’s provincial record on economic development.

Now, as with Camille, the guns are pointed at Shawn Graham.

Forget Lord or Graham, I think people should vote against Al Hogan on September 17th.

And which ever Irving is at the head of that totem pole should have a long look at what the implications of the T&T editorial style will have on the residents of Greater Moncton. Dumbing down the discourse is an insult to the residents of Greater Moncton. This community does not exist in a vacuum. The economic woes of the rest of the province (save Fredericton) will eventually catch up to Moncton and by that time Al Hogan will be off spewing his partisan vitriol at the readers in Sudbury or Regina.

Heaven help them.

So vote on September 17th. Vote for your favourite candidate – as long as its against Al Hogan.