Labour market comments muted

Maybe Al Hogan is on vacation. Or maybe his mind is elsewhere. Either way, the story that ran this morning in the Times & Transcript was rather muted on Friday’s labour market figures which showed the second worst performance for New Brunswick among the 10 provinces.

He did, verbatim, publish Jody Carr’s comments about how he prefers to use a different comparison timeframe and how pleased they are with the employment figures and how the ‘five in five’ is working (where’s the Prosperity Plan? We should only be in year six of that thing).

However, the We Say actually was about the ‘Cath Lab’ which is a long running pet peeve of Al Hogan. There is no ‘Cath Lab’ in Moncton and the Premier promised to study the issue or some such thing.

But Al is so genteel when mentioning the Premier in his columns. It’s almost funny to read.

On a weekly basis he will savage City Hall with the worst invective you could ever use – some of it should be rated PG-13.

But with his commentary mentioning the Premier, it’s all gentle nudging and wink-wink-nod-nod stuff.

But at least New Brunswickers woke up this morning with a fairly accurate picture of the employment situation.