Here we go

Lord will visit the LG and call an election – for Sept. 18.

There’s something I still can’t figure out. The only thing that has changed between the spring (several months ago) and now is that one CRA poll. And in the spring, Lord made Tanker Speaker in order to keep his job and now he is willing to risk it all? Just based on one poll?

The average Joe Q. Public would have to be a moron to think that Peter Mesheau wouldn’t have stayed around another 12 months. Nobody in their right mind would bring down their own government unless asked to do it by the Premier (notice the TJ story this morning – 17 Tories could lose their pension and if they had stayed one more session it would have beens secure).

But why now? Just one poll?

I know I have said in the past that the Census next year, mill closure, blah blah blah but ultimately, politicians are about self preservation – let’s face it. Either Lord knows something the rest of us don’t (and that is usually the case) such as some doom and gloom coming down the pipe or their internal polls give him such a lead that there is virtually no chance of losing.

Remember 1999. Camille Theriault had strong poll numbers and actually called an election a year or so before he had to because he thought he had the headwind required to get elected.

Of course there are some that have speculated that Lord’s caucus is in disarray – that several of his Cabinet members have threatened to resign or revolt. But discontent is normal and if there was a real revolt underway, Jacques Poitras or someone else would have picked up on it, I’m sure.

No, I’m sticking to my original speculation. Lord wants an election. Now is the time. Six weeks later and we’ll all know.

I’m not sure how much blogging I will do on the election per se. Beyond my own biases, I’m not sure I have alot to contribute. I could evaluate the economic angles of the various party platforms but they are usually so obscurely written, I’m not sure of the value (however, here’s a prediction look for Premier Lord to work the term ‘self-sufficiency’ into his language this time around – you won’t find it in the Prosperity Plan or any of his written stuff but I think he could be vulnerable on that point – NBers are a proud bunch and if they think they are being led by a welfare Premier that could hurt so mark my words, self-sufficiency will work it’s way back into the public space – at least for six weeks). Don’t get me wrong. NBers know we are a poor province and many of our kids will leave. But we still want a leader that at least pretends not to be the welfare Premier.

So, we’ll see. If something strikes me, I’ll blog it but I feel that I could set up a separate blog just to criticize everything written on the election in the Times & Trashscript – but where’s the value to the reader in that?

But a few of you readers send me emails on topics from time to time. Keep sending those along most of them make it into the blog as they usually have relevant issues to the public.