Gosh, let the blogging begin!

Someone remarked to me that the vast majority of blogging on this election is just commentary on traditional media stories and other limited thinking pieces – you know, a bit like mine.

Anway, old Jacques Poitras wrote a think piece on the Premier’s recent ‘universality’ in policy making. It’s a good read and should give people something to chew on beyond the usual spin and sound bite fodder.

However, he seems to have raised the hackles of one Stephen Downes who, unless it’s another Stephen Downes, is a brilliant techie guy who resides in Moncton.

Downes penned a manifesto called The Incompetence of the Lord Government in repond to Jacques’ piece.

Let the serious blogging begin.

On another note, have you seen these people in the top advertising banner of the online version of the Globe & Mail?

Shawn must be targeting the 0.5% of New Brunswickers that actually read a national newspaper online.

The caption reads: “Shawn Graham will make economic development a priority again”.

Works for me.