Fidelity invests big in North Carolina

Last year, Fidelity was rumoured to be looking at Nova Scotia for a very large project. If this (below) is the project, one suspects that the $34,500 per job created in North Carolina would have been a prohibitive factor in the competition.

Then again, they have 2,000 jobs at average salaries of $58,000/year.

Where’s Peter Mesheau, quick! What’s needed now to set my heart at ease is a quote about how New Brunswick can’t handle such deals.

Fidelity Invests in NC Triangle Area

Fidelity Investments has confirmed plans to build a Research Triangle Park facility that will add 2,000 jobs to the area — one of the largest economic development projects in North Carolina in years. In exchange, state and local officials have agreed to prvide incentives totaling as much as $69 million during the next 12 years.

Fidelity already employs about 1,000 workers in North Carolina, most stationed at an employer-services operation in Durham. The new facility will boost the company’s Triangle presence to about 3,000 jobs.

The company plans to invest $100 million to build the facility, which will be in the Wake County portion of RTP along Louis Stephens Road.

State officials say the new jobs are expected to pay an average annual salary of $58,400 plus benefits.