Dopey Gleaner smells something

It looks like the Dopey Gleaner is taking an opposite stance to Al Hogan on the election. If Freddy Beach swivels towards the Libs, the Cool Camel crowd is in trouble:

Daily Gleaner – Today
Party platforms should include specifics
In our view: Seek out those candidates who paint a clear picture of how election promises will be kept

[Party platform] -We want to bring jobs to the region
We hope so. We don’t think any candidate has a hope running around saying he/she wants to remove jobs – or perhaps find a way for people to work for less pay. Jobs are good. Always will be. But we want to know what jobs. What quality? What benchmarks do you set for yourself to tell the public it’s not just an empty promise, but a promise upon which you can be judged a success or a failure?

This could be the Achilles heal of the government. As I have said many times, other than a few call centre expansions, where is the ‘made in New Brunswick’ solution to economic development? Ask the government to detail the new industries they have brought to New Brunswick over the last seven years. In what new sectors have they attracted anchor world-class companies? e-Learning? No. Animation? No. Software development? No. Aerospace? No. Manufacturing? No. Tourism? No.

The Daily Gleaner apparently is also perturbed by this.