Comin’ back up the road: Part 145

Premier Bernard Lord has announced a campaign promise to attract 2,500 former New Brunswickers back to the province.

Lord says the four-year repatriation plan would build on one his government put in place in 2003. He says the original goal was 300 people, but so far more than 800 have returned to New Brunswick.

Is there a statistic coming out of the government, just one, that isn’t hiding a less than rosy secret? Exports? Jobs? Public Finances?

Now, repatriation. Lord has brought over 800 people back to NB through this highly successful repatriation effort.

The result?

According to a government web page, last year saw largest net out-migration since 1998.

So, in a nutshell, you launch a repatriation program and more people leave.


For a satirical view of the 2003 repatriation strategy, click here. It may be rude but the underlying reality holds.