Check your rearview mirror, Al

A little birdie just told me that there may be a shakeup coming at our favorite rag, the Times & Transcript.

Something about a little house cleaning.

My source can’t confirm this definitively but you know the thing about scuttlebutt. It starts somewhere.

In a way, that would be a shame. Losing Al Hogan would cut my blog production by at least 30%. Unless of course the Irvings bring in Hogan Part II.

But something tells me that a relatively unbiased internal guy might take the helm.

He would be well-advised to bring back some critical thinking to that paper – some real journalism and thoughtful editorals.

Hammering City Hall at every turn and ignoring even the most egregious problems with the provincial government must stop. Monctonians deserve an unbiased and rational take on the issues of the day.

Word of advice to our old pal, Al.

Better withdraw your veiled threats aimed at Bernie Lord in the We Say today. If you are nice, he might remember all that gravy you threw his way and give you a job as Chisholm’s assistant PR guy.