Al Hogan must drive an SUV

Al’s We Say actually mentions Premier Lord and makes one of its famous threats – only directed at the Tories. This is a rarity folks. Better mint your copy. He’s talking about the what amounts to about 14.5 cents a litre gas tax and the 8% NB portion of the HST on gas which means that of ever $1.20 you pay per litre, roughly 24 cents goes directly to the provincial government coffers. We say:

The most obvious and clear hosing of the public is coming from the government itself.It is a situation that Premier Lord would be well-advised to correct, and fast. Voters care.

The T&T is reporting that the mayor of Bouctouche will be running for the Tories. His platform:

Saulnier’s five-point platform includes better roads, better commercial development, more industrial development, reversing Kent’s population decline and boosting tourism.

Interesting platform since proactive commercial and industrial development has not been part of the last seven years and reversing Kent’s population decline has likewise not been on the radar.

Shouldn’t these guys align their platforms with the provincial strategies?

Another interesting story:

As New Brunswick’s 2005 Health Care Report Card was revealed with apparently rosy results yesterday, Health and Wellness Minister Brad Green said his government is willing to stand by its track record on health care as it moves into an election campaign.

I hope so. They have sacrificed economic development, population growth, and just about every other activity of government to fund the beast called health care. They should get credit for it.

The Telegraph-Journal intones this morning:

People want their political representatives to focus on the goal of improving New Brunswick, from the economy to the quality of life in our communities.

Tell me this. 70% of those communities are losing population. How can you worry about quality of life when people are leaving in droves?