A win-win partnership

I hear that the NB Liberals are coming out with their strategy for ‘moose fencing’ today. After reading the study on declining birth rates due mainly to the out-migration of young females to provinces such as Alberta, I had one of those light bulb moments.

Why don’t we combine the Liberal strategy to reduce moose collisions and the Conservatives strategy to enhance out-migration?

Hear me out on this – but remember my tongue is planted firmly in cheek – just in case my deficiencies in ironic prose become too obvious.

Why not send the moose to Alberta?

Presto. No need for expensive fencing. New Brunswickers have already beaten a path to Alberta for the moose to travel on. Heck, the moose might even send back some of those salt licks used to keep them off Alberta highways. Preston Manning would even be happy.

But there’s even a bigger benefit. A lot of New Brunswickers hunt for moose. If all the moose were relocated to Alberta, that would be an additional enticement to move there. Heck, I’ll bet the Alberta government would pay to move the moose in order to satisify their need for New Brunswick workers.

We could get really creative and move the Atlantic Salmon out there as well. Just dump them in the Bow river.

Heck, while I’m on a roll, why not move the entire population of New Brunswick to Alberta in one shot. A mass migration – just like the pioneers – except weirder.

If we did that, we could leave the moose here and one airport landing strip (we would fight about it but the Moncton airport would probably win). The airstrip would be used for the wealthy ex-New Brunswickers to come back and hunt.

Truly a win-win.