Here’s an interesting story in the Edmonton Journal called:

Tories get Liberal on contracts

You can imagine the story without reading it. However, for your edification here are a few quotes and my comments (as usual):

Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan (a key Harper adviser), in a 1997 article denounced the use of government contracts for regional development and bolstering national unity.

As Harper put it in 1997, “Reform has triumphed in the West, but not elsewhere, because the West loses the most from the patriot game. The dynamic economies of Alberta and British Columbia disproportionately bear the cost of the regional transfers that are supposed to keep Quebec and Atlantic Canada happy.”

Funds for the military are, at the best of times, scarce; they must be spent wisely. As a guiding principle, the Canadian armed forces should aim to buy the best equipment that fits its needs for the best possible price.

If Ottawa adds conditions with non-military objectives such as regional development, the equipment will cost more or be delivered less efficiently. And by reminding Canadians of good old Liberal-style regional pork-barrelling, the new government will create a new generation of disappointed cynics.

News that the Harper government is planning to use its discretion, cloaked in national security legalese, to allocate billions in defence aerospace procurement contracts to whatever companies and regions it chooses can only mean one of two things: it has succumbed to a fascinating collective amnesia, or it is just as cynical and cunning as the Mulroney Tories and Liberal governments that it succeeded.

My points:
1) What’s this guy want? The jobs to be put in Edmonton? That would be fun.

2) Interesting that if it involves Atlantic Canada “the equipment will cost more or be delivered less efficiently“. This would be pretty offensive if it wasn’t so dumb. Atlantic Canadians ain’t such dumb as dem dar ‘Berta-based Al Hogans give us credit fer.

3) Newsflash for the IQ impaired Edmonton Journal it’s-fun- to- throw-fuel-on-the-fire-of-resentment-of-Atlantic-Canada commentor (s):

The Federal government spends $160 billion per year. It employs and influences the employment of hundreds of thousands of people across Canada. Every nickel it spends has an economic development impact. Would you rather send more pogey down here or real jobs? Of course the government should support regional development – just like every freakin’ country in the world.

Cripes, Alberta just spent $300 million to put broadband in rural Alberta. How come the moronic Edmonton Journal commentators don’t complain that Calgary is unduly subsidizing Hinton? How dare the Alberta government spend taxpayer dollars so inefficiently?

The hypocrisy oozes from every well-lubricated pore.