Work, work, work!

Check this out:

Survey says grads prize balance, ethics over pay

Canada’s newest college grads prize work/life balance over all other benefits, according to a new survey of university students born between 1979 and 2001. The flexible work environment they covet includes a casual environment, flexible hours, incentives for things like better maternity leave and appealing locations.

After work/life balance, Millennials (as they are called) said they wanted to work for a socially responsible, industry leader with high ethical standards, according to Universum’s survey of 3,465 students from 27 Canadian institutions.

“[T]he millennium generation is a lot less interested in financial stability and a lot more interested in the importance of companies that have high ethical standards, where they have an opportunity to contribute to society, which are things that were never that important before,” Rachele Ferri, a spokesperson for Universum, told the Winnipeg Free Press.

Whereas salary is the most important compensation issue for undergrad students in Canada, health care occupies that spot for American students. Still work/life balance is pre-eminent for job seekers in both countries, Ferri says.

Canadian students also indicated they would most like to work in Toronto (29%), Montreal (18%), and Vancouver (15%).

This is Universum’s first survey of Canadian students. The company does similar surveys in 29 other countries, which cover 160,000 students from 800 academic institutions.

Kids these days, huh? They want a good work/life balance. They are noble – ethics and social responsibility. And they just wanna have fund.

Cripes, I feel old. When I got my first real job after graduating, incidentally for the NB Department of Economic Development, I worked my arse off – 60-70 hours a week. I took it all in. I wanted to earn my keep. I was fascinated. I learned everything. When I was 23 years old, a VP of UPS told me he slept with the proposal I had written for them under his pillow (proposal to attract them to NB).

Work/life balance? At 22?

I weep for the future.

Oh, by the way, the point of this post. Canadian students also indicated they would most like to work in Toronto (29%), Montreal (18%), and Vancouver (15%).

Kids want to get to the big city. Young families want out (at least some). Check your targets, when looking at future labour market needs. Instead of trying to force new local grads to stay through coercion (recent NS debate), we should be more aggressively targeting kids post-sowing-their-wild-oats phase. And maybe after they’ve had a little real world experience.

Just a thought.

Forgive the rant from an old fart.