What ever happened to conviction?

This is kind of cute. When the Liberals were demanding an election earlier this year (you remember the whole Tanker affair?), the Premier was adamant that the election would be in the Fall of 2007. The esteemed editor of the Premier’s newspaper, the T&T, went to great lengths to admonish the opposition and praise Lord’s integrity for sticking to a ‘fixed election’ timetable.

That was then.

This is now.

Only a few months and one poll later, apparently fixed election dates don’t matter after all. Apparently fixed election dates are to be used only when your fortunes are in the tank (i.e. go when you absolutely must). There have been a number of stories in recent days about the possibility of a fall 2006 election – now that the polls are in the Tories’ favour.

A civil servant friend of mine tells me the gravy train is flowing like never before in the last seven years.

A large goodie bag, positive poll data – sound’s like the recipe for an election.

Except the Premier said their wouldn’t be one until Fall 2007.

Remember Frank Mc’s promise to leave the Premiership after 10 years? Remember how all the Irving papers ran literally dozens of articles about that promise?

I’ll predict that if Lord calls an election in 2006, Al Hogan will praise his leadership and vision.

What’ya bet?