Pop Quiz: What do rural NB and Europe have in common?

I’m thinking of transforming this blog into a gossip rag. You know, keep the theme but reorient around juicy gossip.

You see, I am getting more and more little emails with interesting tidbits of information.

For example, I just heard today that a European developer is looking at setting up a massive housing/golf development somewhere outside of Moncton and targeting the European market. As I understand it, hundreds of Europeans would own these houses and live in them at least part of the year. Apparently this developer has done this stuff in other markets and thinks that this might be a new frontier for this type of development.

I don’t know how real this deal is but it would be good news – for the airport, for the retail sector, for the construction sector, and on and on.

Europe and rural NB? Sprichst du ökonomische Entwicklung?