Now we know an election must be coming

There’s a story in today’s Daily Gleaner about the province putting 50 new government jobs in Edmundston. That’s a sure sign that an election must be coming soon.

I have said before that where it makes sense, I think the government should spread around the jobs. Whether we like it or not, government jobs are the best paying and offer the best benefits of any job in New Brunswick (on average) so it does hardly seem fair to concentrate them all in one community.

However, there has been little effort to do this in the past seven years. I suspect there are less government jobs (I use the term widely here to include health care) in many northern communities today than in 1999. Just a guess, however.

To recap the case for an early election:

MLAs have been seen canvassing where they haven’t before (NB Politics rumour)
Big time goodies budget
Governmetn jobs in the north

Should be fun and provide lots of fodder for the blogosphere.