Let’s blow this popsicle stand

Interesting article in the T&T this A.M. (I can’t give you a URL because you have to pay). It’s about the migration of workers to Alberta. In usual style, Al Hogan doesn’t mention the Premier by name at all and gently addresses the issue by having his journalist insert quotes like:

But Jody Carr, Minister of Post-Secondary Education and Training, says the migration of New Brunswickers to the prosperous Western provinces is nothing new.

Still, it’s an issue that Al Hogan has covered only sporadically – considering we have had net out-migration of people for 14 straight years.

Then Al’s worker bee goes into great detail about all the wonderful efforts that the province is undertaking to keep people from moving to Alberta and just when you think he is about to put a cherry on top (something like “We love you, Bernie!”), the journalist dips in an Alec Brucian direction and digs up some actual verbal frontline footage from the Miramichi. For a politician, this is blood curtling stuff:

But Walsh [Miramichi resident] says those projects require workers to leave the rural communities to find work in more urban centres, and the government is doing little to help replenish rural communities that can’t compete with resource-rich Alberta. “They (government) need to do something,” she says. “The graduates, where are they going to go? Even working at McDonald’s, you could barely survive on your own. I feel sorry for the young people, because there’s just nothing for them here.” In Walsh’s small community Of Wayerton, 20 kilometres (13 miles) north of Sunny Corner, she can count half a dozen families that live nearby whose children have decided to call Alberta home.

And there’s more:

Edwina Matchett, manager at Allison’s XTR station in Trout Brook, says she’s concerned about the dwindling workforce when it comes to keeping her business afloat. Still, she understands the region’s people are looking for more out of life. “You can’t take it from them – I’d be blowing this popsicle stand too,” she says.

Ouch. How dare Edwina call New Brunswick a popsicle stand? Didn’t she read her Prosperity Plan Update sent out a few months ago? Apparently not. Somebody send her a copy. We’ve had record this and record that. Record investment in blah blah blah. Lowest blah blah in 50 years. Highest blah blah in 100 years. If Edwina doesn’t see this propserity surely she is the only one?

As for me, I happen to like popsicles.