Alec Bruce syndrome

You have heard about the super bugs? Those viruses that are immune to treatment and propagate ferociously? I have identified a new one. It’s called wakin’up-to-reality disease otherwise known as Alec Bruce syndrome.

Peter Moreira, a writer for the Halifax Chronicle Herald has it for sure. Check out the tell tale signs in his column:

N.S. growth rate should deliver big wake-up call

It’s a pretty dismal performance when you dissect the numbers.

ScotiaBank last week estimated Nova Scotia’s GDP will grow by 2.2 per cent this year, less than the 3.1 per cent for the nation as a whole.

That means Nova Scotia is tied for last place with Prince Edward Island. For 2007, the bank sees some improvement, with Nova Scotia rising to 2.4 per cent, tied with New Brunswick for fifth place, but still shy of the national rate of 2.8 per cent.

[he then rattles off a series of data worthy of an It’s the Economy Stupid citation]

So here are three simple conclusions to draw from all of these numbers:

1. We’re poorer than most of the rest of Canada [richer than NB – DC].

2. The rest of Canada is getting richer than us [except NB – DC].

3. And we’re relying more and more on the rest of Canada to pay our bills [not as much as NB – DC].

What’s astonishing about this is the complacency in the face of so much evidence that we’re falling behind the rest of Canada. [sounds like NB – DC].

There is no indication that politicians believe we in Nova Scotia have to actually do better than the rest of the country to close the gap. [sounds like NB – DC].

And there is every indication that they have no intention of implementing policies to help close that gap. [sounds like NB – DC].

OH, the sweet irony. The agonizingly sweet irony. Al Hogan just got done running a long piece citing the same report only for Al it was justification that New Brunswick is booming! Now, I have heard that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure but cripes, does Al have to live in the garbage?

Now, did this guy just take an Alec Bruce blog and make the numbers look better?

I report. You decide.