Ah, to be a politician in Alberta

Apparently Alberta’s financial largess has extended itself to municipal politicians. It’s my understanding that a municipal politician in Moncton gets virtually nothing – a few measily bucks for dedicating a lot of time and effort to the public good.

Not so, in Edmonton. Now, of course, Edmonton is four times larger than Moncton but according to this disgruntled journalist, they are getting paid too much.

Account for their one-third tax-free salaries and one-third tax-free allowances, and councillors will take home the equivalent of $103,080 per year.

Who wouldn’t want to get a $520-per-month car allowance?

The RRSP allowance, which went up to $7,720 per year last week and increases again after the next election to $8,606 per year.

His conclusion?

Which, of course, is what I hope to do after the next civic election – join the ranks of the elite in Canada by pulling down a salary and benefits package that will net me more than what 98% of Canadians from coast to coast earn.

Now I have to admit being actually conflicted by this as I am under the undoubtedly ridiculous premise that you ‘get what you pay for’ when ‘hiring’ staff or politicians.

But, then again, Bernard Lord is the highest paid Premier in Canada.

Makes you stop and think.