A lament for high school teacher political consultants

Before I’ve even had coffee this morning. I read in the Telegraph-Journal a commentary from a Saint John-based high school teacher with advice for Shawn Graham on how to win the next election. His strategy? This is cut and paste:

The easiest and most obvious strategy would be to choose a few important issues on which the current government is failing New Brunswickers and offer some real solutions. Important issues are not the ones which a few people make the most noise about. They’re the ones that affect the most lives.

Right on. Just get a blog, why don’t you?

But, the fun stops there. Here are his recommendations:

Tackle global warming (I’m not kidding).
Drop the $2500 Cap to Soft Tissue Injuries (equally not kidding).
Put Up Some Wildlife Fencing (not kidding, seriously I’m not).
All of these could fall under the heading of “just do the right thing.”

Now, I have freely admitted that I am not a political strategist nor a soothsayer (remember my predictions?). But come on. Am I so out of line with reality? Global warming? Not to be disrespectful – I do thing environmental stewardship is important but #1 on the ‘ways to get re-elected’ list?

Soft tissue cap? Look it. New Brunswickers need to have a mechanism to sue when appropriate. But just about everyone knows that the soft tissue issue was being abused and was killing the insurance rates of the average New Brunswicker. I am fully aware that the media and the Liberals want to make auto and every other type of insurance an issue but I can’t for the life of me see why – other than crass politics. And I object to crass politics – even if it gets you elected.

Wildlife fencing. Do I need to comment on this?

“Just to the right thing”. Do I need to comment on this?

When did high school teachers become political advisors with a circulation of 35,000?

Here’s a thought. Let’s pick someone from an occupation with absolute job security and a great pension. Let’s situate them in the cocoon that is the Kennebecasis Valley and then let’s have them speak on behalf of the New Brunswicker in the Miramichi who has witnessed population decline for two decades and is facing the potential of a mill closure. Or how about speak for Saint John? Saint John, a wonderful town, just getting real economic impetus from a number of positive initiatives. Let’s derail that and focus on wildlife fences.