40% is a lot

Maclean’s magazine’s online poll asks the question:

Should the fiscal imbalance make tax revenues continue to be transferred from rich to poor provinces to ensure equal public services across Canada?

At 8 am this morning, 40% said no.

Now, they don’t say the number of responses (you can only vote once) and online polls are ephemeral at best.


Without Equalization, New Brunswick’s economy would collapse. We would not be able to pay for the most basic government services.


I do sense a mood shift – in the national media and elsewhere – Lord’s insistance in our ‘constitutional’ right to more Equalization just may elicit a backlash in the ROC.

My advice hasn’t changed. Tell the rest of Canada that we have a plan to reduce our dependence over time on Equalization.

Here’s a hint: It’s not the ‘5 in 5’.