Tories serving up gravy

I thought they were scrapping this John Manley-brainchild-Ottawa-and-Montreal-development program?

Maybe not.

$189 million from Technology Partnerships Canada for CAE’s research and development project called Phoenix. A total of $630 million is expected to be invested in the Phoenix Project over six years. Another $31M from Quebec.

Government puts in $22o million so that (and I’m quoting here): “About 800 highly skilled jobs to remain in Montreal

Harper’s Tories are following their predecessors and serving up big bucks for economic development in Quebec and Ontario. First the auto investments and now $189 million for CAE in Montreal.

I’m not criticizing folks. Just reporting. Just waiting for $189 million investment in company x’s R&D project in Fredericton, or Cape Breton or Charlottetown.

And waiting, waiting just like that guy in Casablana.