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You know what’s interesting? If you want the best stories on politics in New Brunswick, read the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. Sure, they’re always set in the context of Nova Scotia issues/thinking but it’s refreshing to get a little more nuance in the writing.

Consider the gas regulation thing. Al Hogan was all but gushing when Lord said last week that he would cancel regulating gas prices if it led to higher prices over time. Al was beside himself with glee as he was not a fan of gas price regulation (although he never mentions the Premier in his dislike only the ‘government’).

Now the Herald has a different take:

Regulation is a bad idea because of the hidden costs of merely shuffling around price increases over time, not because Bernard Lord has shifted his ground again. That only proves he’s a wonky gas gauge that Nova Scotia should have ignored all along.

That, in my opinion, is the point. The Premier flops around like a baby seal with an itch on its back and gets praise from the local paper for thoughtfulness.