Smile and talk about economic development

Is it just me or do politicians love to talk about economic development in Atlantic Canada during campaigns? If we had one job created for every politician promising to focus on ‘economic development’ in Atlantic Canada – we’d be Calgary.

The latest round is the Liberal leadership candidates. In Moncton on Saturday, most took the opportunity to discuss the importance of economic development in the Maritimes. Ignatieff, Brison, Rae, tout le monde.

Mulroney was going to ‘impose economic development on us’. When Harper’s through with us grannys and grampys will becoming to visit their grandkids in Atlantic Canada.


Wouldn’t it be neat if a politician actually talked and acted? It seems like there is an inverse relationship between talking about economic development and just doing something.

If Ignatieff, Brison, et. al. would commit to pitching New Brunswick or Nova Scotia or PEI for the next KIA plant, they’d get my vote. If they would commit to getting on a plane with the Premier and flying to Korea to pitch the region to the CEO of KIA, they’d get my vote.

But they won’t.

And I’ll vote for the politician – with the prettiest smile and the sharpest tongue.