Bountrogianni – remember this name

I am starting to think that Ontario Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Marie Bountrogianni is the new nemesis on the Equalization battle.

I told you before that she ‘wasn’t going to sit idly by and watch Ontario become a have-not province’ as a result of a bad Equalization deal.

Now, she says this:

“There are more poor people in Toronto than in all the Maritime provinces combined”

I won’t comment on this much as I think the spirit is self-evident but if she is somehow inferring that Toronto is poorer (is that a word?) than the Maritimes…..


Anyway, she continues:

“We’re proud to continue paying” the $5 billion Ontario pays in annually [to Equalization] but she wants to get back some of the $23 billion less than it sends Ottawa in taxes.

Gracious of her. Keep your $5b – we’ll take back our $23b.

The fun continues.