With friends like this….

The love-in between Al Hogan and Premier Lord is well known but sometimes Al and his journalists can get carried away.

In an effort to find someone, anyone, who would support the Premier on the recent letter controversy (you know the one where Chisholm Pothier released someone’s private information to the media), he decided to quote “free speech analyst” Paul Fromm as endorsing Lord’s view that the information is/should be public.

Now before you read on, please don’t think that I believe that Al Hogan is ideologically aligned with all the sources used by his journalists but….

Paul Fromm is a noted white supremacist and neo-Nazi. Click on the link, check it out yourself.

In the late 1980s, Fromm was an active member of the Reform Party of Canada, but was essentially expelled in late 1988 when leader Preston Manning sent Fromm a letter asking him to “dissociate” himself from the party.

Note to Al Hogan: In their eagerness to find a source that validates your ideological view, your journalists should still actually check out the sources they use before quoting them. I am reasonably sure that Premier Lord would not want to be defended by a known white supremacist and neo-Nazi.

Just a thought.