Review the Times & Transcript

Edited version of a Times & Transcript editorial this morning. Just for fun I took Al Hogan’s latest rant against the CBC and made a couple of, shall we say, modifications for your morning chuckle:

The Irving in charge of the Times & Transcript, if they had any sense, would be preparing a long overdue review of the mandate of the Times & Transcript. The T&T has grown increasingly irrelevant to Monctonians and New Brunswickers – and it is reflected in the continuous dumbing down and editorial bias of the news.

Monctonians should vote by not buying the T&T but unfortunately, there is no option for English language news. However, the T&T is out of whack with the reality that the service is failing to meet the needs of the public. I would like to think that in today’s world of a wide wealth of communication, information and entertainment choices, the T&T would have become unnecessary and outmoded. But people still prefer to read the newspaper, and a monopoly on local and provincial English language news is no longer acceptable.

The bottom line? The T&T is long in the tooth, speaks the important facts to very few, and is so run like a dictatorship and notoriously biased it is unable to get beyond it even when it tries very hard to do so. A thorough review of its mandate, its future, the T&T should be doing is long overdue.