Fairness matters in news coverage

New Flash! According to Al Hogan in todays T&T We Say:

Fairness matters in news coverage

Of course, Al is talking about the media’s unfair criticisms of Stephen Harper but to me if there was ever a case of the pot calling the kettle black or whatever that saying is this is it.

This is the same guy who will outright ignore stories of interest that are published elsewhere because they don’t fit with his ideological view of the world.

This is the same guy who will tell Premier Lord to ignore the petty voters of Saint John Harbour because their issues don’t matter.

This is the same guy who will hammer the City of Moncton at every turn – many times 2-3 times a week – and never criticize the provincial Tories.

The reality is, in my opinion, that Harper is trying to set a new tone and style that he and his staff must have determined will be more conducive to their agenda and he is willing to risk the wrath of the media to set this new tone. Utimately, I suspect there will be a compromise of some sort.

But for Al to tell the national media to ‘check its biases’ is a bit to cheeky for me.

Look in the mirror, Al. Although the kind of mirror I’m talking about is probably no where in sight.